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Chelsee Dery

Creative Marketing Director

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Chelsee was born and raised in Montana.  With her husband, son and hound dog by her side, she explores the rugged terrain of Western Montana.  She is passionately pursuing a career in the outdoor industry focusing on producing educational and ethical content.  Wildlife photography and big game hunting are her greatest passions and living in Montana’s abundance allows her to get lost in both.  She greatly enjoys chasing elk during archery season and the off season is focused on preparing for the next hunt.

What started as hobbies over ten years ago have become her full-time focus for the last four years.  With her natural ability to write and sketch, Chelsee is developing  children's books that introduce younger generations to the importance of ethics and hunting in conservation.  Her wild and compassionate son inspires and approves her work. She feels her creative mindset and bright personality give her the ability to connect to audiences in a way that feels familiar and inviting.  


“I see each color of the sunset before seeing the entirety of it.  Because without every color, the magnitude would be less.  If this same concept is applied to every aspect of our lives, we will cherish people, moments, and experiences far more.”

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Member

  • First Hunt Foundation Mentor

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